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Golf Packages and Destinations: Pro Tips for Planning the Perfect Trip

For the serious golfer, there’s no better vacation than one spent on the links, competing in beautiful weather against a close-knit group of friends. There are many ways to structure a golfing vacation, and many destinations and golf packages to consider when planning the perfect excursion. Here are a few pro tips on how to do it right:

Get Your Crew on the Same Wavelength

The first step to a successful trip is making sure everyone agrees on how to structure your vacation time. Gather your friends and put your heads together to determine exactly what kind of experience you want. Not everyone will want to wake up at dawn and play eighteen holes before lunchtime. The same goes for activities off the course: if you’re planning to spend a few late nights out on the town, make sure your cohorts won’t be frazzled when you roll back into the room in the wee hours.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Famous spots like Pebble Beach and Myrtle Beach are must-see destinations that every serious golfer should visit at some point. However, do some research into lesser-known courses. States throughout the U.S. boast breathtaking places to play, each with a different feel based on the regional climate and scenery. Ask around and consult golfer’s guides and magazines to find the hidden gem that strikes your fancy. It may be less crowded than those big-name spots

Golfing Resorts vs. Play-Around Packages

Golf packages usually fall into two major categories: resort packages and play-around packages. The former variety puts you in a resort right on the links, giving you access to this one course for the duration of your stay. In contrast, the play-around option will put you and your party up in a hotel located near several courses. The package includes reserved slots at a few courses, so your itinerary will have you bouncing around the map to play. Again, consult with your group to determine what kind of experience you desire.

Alternative Lodging Options

If you want to skip the hotel experience, it can be both fun and cheap to pool your money and rent a condo or golf villa. This gives your more freedom to sprawl out at your own place. While you’ll miss out on the advantages of room service and wake-up calls, you won’t have to beg the hotel kitchen to stay open when you’re craving a late-night snack. It also gives you and your friend a comfortable, communal atmosphere to chat and unwind during down time.

Plan Ahead

There are many golfers in this world, and not enough places for them all to play at once. Courses get booked up months in advance, especially during peak seasons. Once you’ve decided where to go, know that you’ll have to book your trip far ahead of time. The added benefit of booking early is that your airfare will be cheaper if you buy it at the same time.

With research, coordination, and a little gumption, you and your team can have the golfing vacation of a lifetime – even if you do spend some of it in the sand trap.

Trip Preparations – Keys to a Good and Safe Road Trip in the Car

When you decide to go on a cross country road trip vacation in your own car, the experience can turn out to be very thrilling and adventurous. But before actually embarking on a cross country road trip like this, you need to follow certain precautionary measures.

First of all you have to plan this car trip strategically.

Do you want to derail your holiday by not doing the mandatory planning? To enjoy an organized holiday, you must do your thorough homework much in advance, even if that doesn’t sound very romantic or exciting. You have to study the places where you will be going, you have to study all the possible routes and their alternatives, the time you might take to reach these places, the hotels where you will be staying, the kinds of food that will be available in different places and their prices etc.

You can read up internet travel sites and you can derive help from the American Auto Club in plotting a course. The latter can also help you find fuel stations, food and lodging, heavy traffic spots and construction hindrances. The glove box in your car must carry maps and a good road atlas.

Then you have to ensure that your car is mechanically sound and all the components including brakes, tires, cooling systems and engine and other vital systems are in top order. The tires should have the proper amount of air, the oil should have been serviced recently and remember to use fresh coolants and other fluids.

You must be ready for unforeseen roadside emergencies such as a radiator leak or a flat tire. Therefore spare tires, tire changing kit, road flares, jumper cables, jacks etc should always be stored in your car. Another thing that you must always carry in your car is a first aid box for emergencies. At a minimum it should contain an antihistamine, motion sickness medicines, antidiarrheals, analgesics, fingernail scissors, tweezers, alcohol, antiseptic, antibacterial cleanser, antiseptic ointment and bandages.

It is also a good idea to carry some snacks, fruits, dry fruits, bread, butter, jam, jelly, cookies, chips etc and some water or refreshing drinks to keep you going or in case the car breaks down in a remote spot.

Don’t over plan how far you can travel in a day, it will be important to take frequent breaks to refresh yourself, and make sure you are sleeping well. If you do get too fatigued, just stop driving and seek refuge in a motel or inn, it’s not worth the risk.