5 Best Disabled Travel Tips For Cheap Or Free Travel For Travelers With Disabilities

Disabled travelers can enjoy free, cheap and discounted travel just the same as their more able-bodied friends do. There are many good deals and opportunities for travelers with disabilities to take advantage of for accessible travel. Save yourself a lot of money by taking advantage of the following disabled travel tips.

1. Discounts are available in top name hotels and motels today to disabled travelers as well as the able- bodied. They have to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations so finding good accessible rooms is much easier than in the past. Of course the newer hotels and motels may be your best bet where you know they are more than likely built from the ground up correctly for accessibility rather than being patched up as some hotels and motels have done that were built in the not recent past.

2. Hostels are one of the cheapest ways to go of course. Hostels in the past have always been for the young folks, college students and those willing to sleep in rooms with others and not very private. And many were not wheelchair accessible either. Today there are many hostels that cater to wheelchair and those disabled travelers with mobility problems. Many go out of their way to make things more accessible and private for the disabled or wheelchair traveler. There are many accessible hostels.

3. You may not have thought of a home exchange but this is perfect if you have a wheelchair accessible home to offer. These may be a little harder to find and you may have to plan some vacation plans around the location in order to take advantage of it. Instead of Rome you may have to go to Paris! Instead of Disneyland you may have to go to Disney World – both cater to wheelchair travelers and have been wheelchair accessible for many years. If location doesn’t matter this is a great opportunity to take advantage of, so consider an accessible home exchange.

4. Don’t forget about the YMCA and YWCA. They have offered many accessible options for the disabled traveler for years. Many have accessible rooms and most if not all have swimming pools and weight rooms in order to get your daily exercise and fitness workout in.

5. If you’re staying at a hotel in the United States, find out if they offer free transportation from the airport for guests. If they do then by law they have to provide free accessible transportation for disabled travelers too. If they don’t have accessible hotel vans they have to use an outside van service. In any event they have to get you free to the hotel in a wheelchair accessible van or other accessible mode of transpiration.

These are just a few of the best disabled travel tips for free or cheap travel doe travelers with disabilities. There are many more, too many too list here. You’ll find more and more freebies are offered to disabled travelers today than ever before.