You’ll Never Get Pregnant If You Are Not Using These 5 Tips to Increase Fertility

If you are not aware, there are tons of tips to increase fertility located within most libraries in the city, and even on the internet. It can typically come in the form of books or pamphlets.

Tips to increase fertility may also come from human resources, like doctors and other registered healthcare professional.

These tips may also come from common sense knowledge on how the human body works, and how it is able to conceive.

First fertility tip

The first tip to increase fertility is to not take too many vitamins that are not really helpful to the cycle of fertility and to the process of conception.

You may check with your registered doctor or physician what types of vitamins you should take prior to your attempt to conceive children. This would help you in the choosing of the vitamins to take before the big event.

Second fertility tip

The second tip is to not end up making sexual intercourse as something of a boring chore for you and your partner.

This is often the problem with most couples, as they want to maintain a certain level of sexual activity in the relationship but almost always end up making the thing a whole boring thing for the rest of their lives.

Make the whole event something to look forward to by varying the things that you do. If you want you can make a date day for every week, so as to set the rhythm for the whole of the month, so that when the fertile period of the month comes, you can just go right ahead and do it. Making it fun is the key, and so just do it.

Third fertility tip

The third tip concerns the current sperm count of your husband or partner. There may be times that occupational hazards build up, or this might be a genetic thing that your husband is suffering from.

In any case, most of the registered health care professionals that are into counseling and giving advice for this sort of problem recommend that sexual intercourse be limited up to the period of fertility so that the sperm count may be able to build up.

Doing this would allow the current count to rise, and would build a strong resistance against pre existing instances of low counts.

Some researches show that if the male sperm is not ejaculated within the period of six or sometimes seven days within a particular, specific week, then the fertility of the said sperms are reduced, because the sperms of course age in time.

To remedy this, one may do sexual intercourse everyday, or masturbation may be the hidden key to make sure that only young and very active sperm cells are there.

Fourth fertility tip

The fourth tip is about getting a good night’s rest. You should always be rested well before and after intercourse to improve your chances.

Fifth fertility tip

The fifth tip is to be physically active. Being active can really strengthen both male and female’s reproductive system. The female cervix will be so flexible that a c-section may not be required during the delivery process.

In conclusion, I hope these 5 fertility tips that I have revealed will help you in improving your fertility levels thus increasing your chances of pregnancy.