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Vacation Rentals and Destination Weddings

Whether you’re an event planner, a couple looking to tie the knot or a proud parent of a bride- or groom-to-be, you know that planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why many have opted for destination weddings instead of conventional weddings, as they’re simpler to plan, are more intimate, and allow the couple and their close friends and family to enjoy a slice of paradise as they celebrate the marriage in a way that blows away their local banquet hall. However, what many are unaware of is that villa rentals, which are often large sprawling estates with magnificent courtyards, are often the perfect venue for destination weddings.

Vacation rental owners, for their part, are often happy to accommodate weddings, although, as is normal, they may expect a slightly higher rental fee, as well as an additional security deposit. They may also be happy to provide you with local contacts for catering and entertainment, which will help you offer something truly unique to your guests. The kitchens of such places also tend to be large and fully-equipped, and are therefore fully capable of accommodating a professional cooking crew.

Also, the couple and even some of their close family can stay on the property, as these villas not only tend to have a plethora of bedrooms, but may even have guest houses on site as well. Best of all, these properties are usually beachfront estates or at the very least have very large gardens, meaning the happy couple will get an amazing and unique backdrop as they exchange their vows, which is sure to create one of those unique wedding experiences none of the guests are going to forget any time soon.

If you’re a couple, you may also want to consider visiting your local travel agent for destination wedding information, as most travel agents can happily accommodate this request and even get you and your guests volume discounts on airfare. If you’re an agent yourself, you already know this, but you may not know that you can consult Travel Rental Network for a database of rental properties that are willing to work with you on commission, including many that are wedding friendly.

A destination wedding is an amazing opportunity to celebrate one of life’s most important moments in a way that’s beautiful, unique and unforgettable, which is why it’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular. Having said that, you may want some help planning things out, which is why your travel agent might just become your wedding planner before you know it!

The Top Global Destinations for Whitewater Rafting

River rafting is viewed to be one of the most exciting vacation experiences one can go through in his or her life. This is definitely something which calls for full cooperation and solidarity with the rest of your companions. Yet, if you have got a no fear attitude and are ready to take on a challenge, this might function as the perfect activity for you. In terms of rafting, you will be witnessing no mercy from the rapids, which are extremely powerful, and you will feel a sense of achievement once you have overcome the challenges posed upon you.

There’s little question that many individuals who have stumbled upon river rafting have felt like going for even more challenging rides, and this is something that will really motivate you not only with this activity, but also in real life. If you are a thrill seeker, and are in search of a relatives vacation which the rest of your kin would get pleasure from, below are some of the finest spots on earth to go on for a rafting trip:

Yangtze River, China – There’s a whole lot of fun and excitement to be experienced as you head your way towards the Great Bend, the river’s most famous section. This is one of the most popular destinations for international rafters, and can offer quite a challenge even to the experienced veterans. you’ll be in for several heart pounding drops and be treated to a lot of superb scenery to behold as you fight your way to overcoming the force of the fierce whitewater.

Victoria Nile River, Uganda – With Uganda attracting many vacationers all over the planet due to the magnificent African scenery, you’ll probably think that there’s nothing more to it than a safari hunt. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is also one of the most excellent spots in the world for you and the rest of your kin to benefit from some whitewater rafting. The Victoria Nile River offers several challenges which will definitely give you a sense of accomplishment as you traverse through the powerful rapids.

Magpie River, Canada – For a family vacation, this spot provides an intensity that will really put you and the rest of your kin through a unique challenge that will prove memorable for a whole lifetime. you will surely be in for quite the ride, with incredible drops and powerful speeds to look forward to. These wild waters will really give you a run for your money!